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Are you frustrated and stressed with the pain, fatigue and decline in your health that limits your activity and happiness?


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The Physical and Emotional Toll of living with a chronic illness is frustrating to deal with day to day and disrupts your whole life.

It’s not fair you have to go through this and no one seems to understand how you feel!

Others cannot always appreciate the physical and emotional effects, such as, tiredness, stress, depression, aches and pains that are often not visible.

It means having to adjust to the physical demands of the illness and deal with emotional ups and downs that can upset those around you.

There may be additional stresses, since chronic illness might change the way you work, play and interact with others. It can feel hopeless.

Yes, it is frustrating and I would love to help you regain your health and happiness by finding the root to your condition and get your life back.

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Customer Testimonials

Hilda T.

“I want to share my experience with everyone. I see a big improvement in how I feel. Thank you for all that you have done for me.”

Patricia P.

“Dr. Patricia May has changed my life. I have suffered from allergies for years. After my treatments with Dr. May, I have found relief and am able to enjoy things that I had to avoid in the past. I have lost weight, I have increased energy levels and an overall better disposition.”


Tammy B.

“Dr. May is wonderful! I have had horrible headaches for years – I thought they were hormonal! Turns out I have allergies! Lots of them! Finally someone was able to help me. I highly recommend her!”

Alex I.

“Dr. May helped me out when, for no obvious reason, every meal resulted in major cramps. It lasted for days until I was eating nearly nothing but occasional rice, fish and chicken. That’s when I reached out.
Dr May guided me through assessments to find out what was going on in my gut and in my stress. . As a digestive health expert and wellness doctor, she had a keen sense for what I needed to be doing better. I didn’t have that knowledge!
Between the gut support, stress support, new choices, frequent check ins and most of all, truth telling about my life circumstances, I began to be able to eat again.
What a relief!
For someone going through unexplainable gut pain, wellness issues, poop problems, gas and bloating and of course, feeling like crap, I recommend Dr May.”

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Put the pieces of your health puzzle in order

We will get to the root cause of your health problems by getting a thorough history and ordering the proper lab test for your issues.





Regain your health

Together we will design a personalized health program with one-on-one coaching to get you healthy.





Take Control of Your Health and Get Real Results!

better digestion, increased energy, weight loss

digestive disordes

Stop Suffering from acid reflux, gas and bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, and many more gut issues.

We offer a combined treatment solution to your chronic health issues through Nutrition and lifestyle changes using the Functional Medicine model.

If you want to experience the benefits of a customized personal program that focuses on the cause of your symptoms, then try our personalized coaching. You’ll be happy you did!


autoimmune disorders

Learn how Chronic Pain, Lupus, diabetes, Psoriasis, Brain Fog and more can be treated naturally.

The body has an amazing, innate ability to heal itself under the right conditions, and Dr. May prides herself in taking a natural, drugless approach to help her patients.

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make changes and you will have that support.


weight loss makeover

Struggling to lose weight?

You may have underlying medical conditions making it difficult to lose the pounds. Maybe it’s time to consider a weight loss medical make-over.

Achieving a better physique is about more than simply shedding the pounds and improving muscle tones.

Our coaching and health wellness classes will help you to focus on both your mental and physical well-being to achieve lasting weight loss.


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